Women Arising

Destined To Overcome

Overcoming and saying ‘yes’ to Jesus

Would she, could she dare to rise?

What was she really up against?

Was she going to be that warrior she had dreamed about? Armor on, sword in hand, unafraid of anything...

Was she going to hold on to the WORD of God in her heart, the things He had spoken to her, and the dreams and visions He had given her?

How could she say yes and rise?

Many women have been fighting for their lives, fighting for their destinies, and looking to the Lord for their breakthrough.

The time is now!

The Father God is keeping His promises to His daughters. He is faithful to the end, and His words are true:

  • The promise of overcoming
  • The promise of restoration of what was lost
  • The promise of healing taking place and captives being set free
  • The promise of answered prayers
  • The promise of a revival among women

Esther fasted and prayed to change a nation. In the same way, the Lord is saying to His daughters in this hour, “You are an Esther and you will change a nation!”

Daughters of the Father, will you rise?

Together, we will rise!

The Father knows that you have been called for such a time as this. The Lord is inviting all women to rise up, overcome, and say “yes” to Jesus at all costs.

Esthers, arise!